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Friday, 19-Nov-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
gambo raye

pre-Raya : NTBD lepas sahur,pakaikan tudung utk jang nara
1st Raya : aku tgh tido ..eh bukan!.. shami tido
1st Raya : pakcik dan adik aku
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alamak!.. baru aku perasan ..tak banyak rupanya gambo raya taun ni dalam cam aku.. aku rasa pasal dalam sibuk2 raya pertama tu takde orang yang ingat nak organize sesi bergambar .. adik aku,cousin aku ada cam pun amik gambar pun main snap2 je cam aku..

tapi raya kedua kitorang bergerak dari muar ke rumah pakcik aku kat banting,selangor ..gathering satu family abah aku .. all in the family .hehe..takyah nak gi banyak2 umah ..semua gi situ

..raya ketiga aku dah ada balik kat Eskay ..

Wednesday, 17-Nov-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

today most of the time alone at home .. highlight of the day : 2 british flicks and azwath baryani .. i was planning to get me fed with KFC when my neighbour accross the road call me for lunch ..tiba2 pulak ada mamat ni.. well since most muslim (read malays) has 25 more days for raya 0) .. all food sources were unavailable except for mamaks and indons stall.. so we headed on to putra permai for azwath mamak .. cost me rm8 for baryani with fried chicken + vanilla coke + chewing gums .. could have lunch plate with that money but those are worth than having those KFC under-nourished tweety tiny wing + seeecret recipee (which is unfortunately my favourite makan ).

calcium kids + bridget jones diary
and those two british comedy movies.. as usual, boring ..slow paced ..ugly..hard to understand accent but interesting, honest and hillarious .. at some times i have to put the frames in window and watch it while searching for another torrent ..most of the time it's like listening to radio drama cause nothing much to observe..

aih .. that's all for today,no pics i guess . tomorrow i'll post my raya pics

Tuesday, 16-Nov-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
.. my first intergalactic collection ..

flower .. at my house lawn in my hometown
ma old casing ..
my first Ultra Violet set up in Lian Li
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this 1st intergalactic post is an experimental .. put that in mind plz

Oh! You better watch out,
You better not cry,
You better not pout,
I'm telling you why:
streamyx broadband is coming to town!

not a commercial songs or jingles whatsoever but it sounds like something promissing.. and promises are what tmnet do best.. a catchy tune i heard during last christmas and got caught in my ear since that..

He's making a list, 0)
Checking it twice,
Gonna find out who's naughty or nice.
streamyx broadband is coming to town

.. and since i was listed ..but because of high tech optical phones lines i had to wait for the pizza box to be installed in my area ..demmit for one year!!! .. our patient were at peak when those gays with blue badak start dancing and singing about the speedy lines on the tube.. and now it is here olredy..no more being a nice boy ..time to be naughty!!! ..

i didnt know what to upload in this first entry .. but then ..i think i'll post some things that i've captured and been kept in "my pictures" folder for ages .. beware! .. lotsa dust ..


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